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Staffa introduces the first fully outsourced model that allows you access fluid  diverse and changeable teams on a project by project basis.  Access the awesome power of global talent in easy to configure, simple to manage teams.

Add skills sets as and when you need with simple drag and drop icons representing people or other teams.  See costs and adjust to suit budgets or trends.


Never be handicapped by lack of resource as you become adaptive and respond to trends, market demands and customer requirements.


Staffa Teams gives you the advantage of corporate style intelligence and talent, as and when you need with no costs other than the hourly rate.

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Staffa is a Revolution


A vital resource to many businesses when staff are off ill or on holiday, or demand soars, but traditionally expensive and acquired through agencies.

Staffa allows you access to a bank of Temps with zero fees.

That's right, no costs other than the hourly rate - FOREVER.


Staffa introduces the first fully outsourced model that allows you to be fluid with your main team and engage with trends, demands and relieves your business of HR, legal and hidden costs burdens. We employ your staff, they work for you as and when you need them at no extra cost. leaving you to focus on your core business.


Tap into a growing resource of the worlds top talent as and when needed to augment your business value proposition.  

Only engage the best talent and only pay their hourly rates.  No fees, no charges and when the project is finished they take up new roles.

Talent As And When You Need It

Every Employee, contractor or freelancer has a professional profile and is rated on every shift or job they do. 


Select from the best talent and most desirable skill set to bolster your business for as long or short as you like.

When done, simply disengage with zero cost or penalty.

We take care of KYC, AML, right to work and tax for all market members.  Choose only the talent that best suits your project or business.

Access the talent and skills you need, as and when you need it at zero cost other than the hourly or agreed contract rate.

Never again pay agencies fees, recruitment costs or job advertising expenses.  Our services are totally free forever.

Staffa dynamically shifts the power of employment, HR and recruiting directly to you.

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